Adventures of FrankieMan

The Adventures of FrankieMan (me) and my adventures through the world.
And sometimes it includes me in them. Most likely not.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Man, The Myth, The Legend. (part 2)


While FrankieMan was shaking in pain on the floor, a man appeared in the window. He had on black glasses with a white suit, and a ladies bra on. He appeared happy.

"OH MY GOD" said the apparently overjoyed man. He walked around the house and knocked on the door. He kicked the door in.

A young child ran in the door, stealing all of FrankieMan's food. FrankieMan was still on the floor, but now bleeding from the Facial Region.

The Overjoyed Man Picked up the kid and threw him out the window.

"OH MY GOD" repeated the man. He walked around the room and knocked on the cabinet door.
No one heard him.

As the odd man stumbled to his car, he dropped his keys in the storm drain. FrankieMan woke from his temporary coma.

"What the hell" said FrankieMan.

The weird man ran away in disgust.

FrankieMan was dazed and confused, but he felt an odd tingling feeling in his toes. He decided to try out his new powers.

"HUZZZZZZAHHHHHHHH" said FrankieMan. A long hairy baby appeared out of nowhere.


Later on through the day, some stuff happened. But that wasn't important.

To find out what was, wait for the next installment of:


Sunday, October 01, 2006


Update comming.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Other OTHER Purple Meat.

Some may be thinking, what is Frankieman. What is his philosophy. Why does he live. Where does he go during the day.

Well this should answer all of those questions.
Probably not.


It all started one day, when Frankie, a normal person was minding his own business. He thought that he was invincible, and no one could throw a 500 pound bank vault at him. But he was proven wrong.

Soon, Frankie had followers, following him everywhere he went. When Frankie would turn around, the people would be gone, and Frankie would go back to his everyday business. Those people are the meanest kind of people you will ever meet. They are out for pure blood, and will not Leave until they have a sample of your Negatroned Ioners.

Soon, before he knew it, work was over. Another bland day. As Frankie walked out of the Top Floor of the parking garage, those people caught up to him. He knew he was being followed, but every time he turned around, no one was there.

Frankie made it to the house. He banged on the door, and rang the door bell. A frail, old, 11 year old opened the door. Frankie slapped him.

Then, there is when it happened. Frankie was hit with a bank vault. His life soon would no longer be normal any more.

Walking home, His head was trickling with a weird liquid. A trail of red was left behind him, as he trudged along. It was red grape juice from that morning.

Once he reached home, he poured himself some Cereal. He Began to eat it. Then he threw it out the window in anger.

"WHY ME!" he proclaimed.
"WHY CAN'T I BE NORMALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!" yelled the man with no teeth.

He will soon be under a transformation, that no one can interpret, except me, FrankieMan's assistant.


Part 2 Coming Soon.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The FrankieMan Handbook.

This will tell you everything you need to know about FrankieMan.


Frankieman = FrankieMan
GTFM = Graga Teaeird FrankieMan
SVK = Sterkermrcle VeVger Kablackasta
Trackamantaribi = Where the FrankieMan's Cave is .
FrankieMan Cave = The cave FrankieMan Resides


FrankieMan = My assitant


Helping People Help other people who don't help people. Yeah, and I help them.

Animal Sponsors:

Mayor Greenburg.




I was like walking down the street, and some dude Pointed at me. I got mad, and ran him over with my car. I tried to back up over him but I ran out of gas, and my car stalled. I had to get out of the car, and push the car over him in order to run him over.

He got mad.